Quest exists to supplement and reinforce the Biblical teaching students receive at home. Our goal is to come alongside the fathers and other Godly men in our students’ lives and provide additional encouragement, mentorship, and guidance as they “Choose Christ-like Manhood”. This is the purpose behind everything we do.

During Quest we dive into the foundational principles of Biblical manhood and give students a strong understanding of the character and attributes that God wants His sons to exhibit. We also provide students the opportunity to learn practical life skills, and give them hardships that will put their personal faith and character to the test. Our goal is for each student to leave Quest with the desire to “Choose Christ-like Manhood” for himself, and the knowledge that they have truly made their faith their own.

Quest is also an excellent opportunity for young men to build lifelong friendships, both with their peers and with “older brother” figures that they can turn to for prayer and encouragement. The staff at Quest is passionate about creating and promoting an atmosphere where students can be surrounded by the kind of young men who want more for themselves than the “normal” Christian life.

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. – 1 Corinthians 16:13


Quest does not discriminate in its admissions policies, educational policies, scholarship policies, or programs on the basis of race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

Quest is licensed and inspected by the state of Texas, and is in compliance with all state regulations for youth camps. Our license number is 251084. 

Statement of Faith

The International ALERT Academy affirms the cardinal doctrines of Scripture that have been defended by historic statements of faith. These include the divine inspiration of Scripture, the deity of Christ, the original sin nature of man, the atonement for sin by Christ’s shed blood, and the justification by faith in Jesus as the Christ.

We also believe that a complete and inspired statement of faith was given by Jesus Christ when He taught precise commands on how to love God and others, and that these commands transcend all cultures, nationalities, religions, and political systems.




Noah Poteet

Noah Poteet

QUEST Coordinator

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Chilor Thomas


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