Your son’s safety is our top priority

The emotional, physical, and spiritual safety of every individual participating in Quest is our top priority. Quest is licensed and inspected every year by the state of Texas, and is in compliance with all state regulations for youth camps (our license number is 251084). Every year, our staff go through extensive training prior to the arrival of the students to ensure that they are equipped and trained for the task of working with the young men who come to Quest each year. Additionally, we have created internal policies that go above and beyone state requirements to ensure the safety of everyone involved, to the best of our ability. 

Getting in touch with the Quest Office

In the event of an emergency, you can contact the Quest Office during business hours at 903-636-9291. Outside of business hours, Quest staff monitor a 24 hour line that you can either text or call at any point during the summer to reach us. You will receive that number in an email at the beginning of Quest. 

Guidelines Manual

You can read a copy of the Quest Guidelines Manual here.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Quest is a program of the International ALERT Academy, and adheres to their Zero Tolerance Policy. This policy is posted in full in each of the dorm buildings Quest uses, and an abbreviated copy is given to each student when they arrive. The Zero Tolerance Policy document covers both what constitutes a violation of the policy, and means for reporting violations. 

You can download and read the abbreviated and full Zero Tolerance Policy here.  

 “Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.

– Phillips Brooks

 “Humility in conversation; steadfastness in faith; modesty in words; justice in deeds; mercifulness in works; discipline in morals; to be unable to do a wrong, and to be able to bear a wrong when done; to keep peace with the brethren; to love God with all one’s heart; to love Him in that He is a Father; to fear Him in that He is God…this is to fulfill the will of the Father.

– Cyprian of Carthage

“Let me endeavor to lead you out of yourself:

let me invite you to look unto Jesus.”

– A. W. Tozer

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